Core Features

v 0.7 (current test release)

  • Add & Edit lights
    • Enter channel, address, purpose, position, instrument type, color, gobo and more
    • Easily reuse entries for purpose, instrument type, position, color, and gobo
  • At a glance information (channel, address, instrument type, position, and more) in the list view
  • View complete light information in the detail view
  • Import and reconcile data from Vectorworks XML files (Vectorworks 2019 and later)
  • Import data from Lightwright CSV (Lightwright 6: File: Export Data: Data…)
  • Export data to Lightwright CSV (Lightwright 6: File: Import Data…) and Eos Family Consoles
  • Delete lights by swiping them away in the list view
  • Tap on a column in the list to sort by…
    • Channel
    • Address
    • Position
    • Purpose
    • Instrument Type
    • Dimmer
    • Color
    • Gobo
    • Mark
  • Customize which columns are visible in each sort view
    • Long tap on a column header to choose columns for that sort view, or go to Miscellaneous: Manage Columns to choose columns for any view
  • Choose how you view Address information…
    • Switch between Universe/Address (2/101) format and Absolute (613) format
    • Append the Absolute address when viewing the Universe/Address format
  • Count by…
    • Instrument type
    • Accessory type
    • Color
    • Gobo
    • View a list of all lights matching a category in the count, and view light details for each
  • Basic Error Checks & Reports
    • Find units missing, irregular, or conflicting data
    • See available channels, addresses, and dimmers
    • View how many and which channels, dimmers, and addresses are used in each position, dimmer, and more
  • Save your show file to iCloud Drive (or another cloud storage service of your choice) and easily change between multiple shows
  • Get help and support from within the app (… > PaperWorker Help)
  • Submit feedback and report bugs from within the app (… > Provide PaperWorker Feedback)

Coming Soon

Features coming soon to PaperWorker

v 0.7 (future builds)

  • Full Vectorworks sync (pass data from Paperworker back to Vectorworks)

v 0.8

  • More robust address format preferences
  • Create, export, and print pre-formatted common paperwork typesInstrument Schedule
    • Channel Hookup
    • Color Schedule
    • Gobo Schedule

v 0.9

  • Filtering
  • Universal search from the list view
  • App settings